Louise Whillock

Helping Yourselfempowers the client to overcome obstacles, and fulfil their potential.

Coaching can generate the most meaningful conversations you may ever have. Through discussion, and questioning, you can uncover what's really  going on for you. Increased self-awareness means you can listen to what your body, heart and brain is telling you. Coaching is really useful to explore options, as it provides you with a non-judgemental, confidential, safe space in which to walk through various scenarios.

Lack of self-confidence can affect pretty much everything we do. The things that we want to try, but talk ourselves out of. The relationships that we know are bad for us, but think we deserve no better. The jobs that we don't put ourselves forward for.  Coaching can challenge these thoughts and create new thinking patterns that allow us to move forward.


6 sessions booked in advance  to be taken over 12 weeks over Skype/ Telephone  £300

Personal Transformational Coaching 

6 sessions booked in advance , to be taken over 12 weeks face to face in Birmingham or Solihull area £360

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