Louise Whillock

Helping Yourselfempowers the client to overcome obstacles, and fulfil their potential.

Do you have a goal you would like to reach, and would like support to do so ?

Goal Setting Package

Coaching can help you to take stock of where you are now, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there. Creating your own plan of how you are going to get there, along with creating strategies for the challenges you may meet along the way, will set you up well to achieve your goal. Along with reminders of  your motivation, and knowing how to treat your willpower in order that it works best for you. Not to mention on-going support throughout the journey!

For £199 you will get from me;

  • 1 goal setting session (by Skype or telephone) during which we will explore:

    • what you want to achieve

    • what achieving this goal means to you

    • what not achieving this goal will mean to you

    • what opportunities will open up for you 

    • what challenges might there be, and how might you  overcome them

    • your support network  

  • From the goal setting session I will produce a plan, broken down into achievable weekly(or monthly if more appropriate) actions for you to agree to and follow.

  • I will hold you accountable to your  plan. If you don't follow it, I will want to know why, and what you can put in place in order that you stick to your plan.

  • 2 support sessions via Skype/ telephone  in which we review how you are doing, celebrate successes, look at any challenges you are encountering and review any other support you may need.

  • A final Skype/telephone session in which we review your progress, and consider any further support* you may need going forward. 

  • A weekly/ daily e-mail or text from me to encourage you, and remind you of why you are doing this.

  • You can e-mail or text me(up to 5 times a week) if you need additional support.


  • I will support, encourage and challenge you where necessary. Having support can make all the difference.

     *​More support sessions can be arranged if required for an additional fee