Coaching is done in a non-judgemental safe space to facilitate exploration of fears and embarrassment, and support you to take control.

Together we can explore WHY you keep spending. A greater understanding of what's going on for you will help you to put some controls in place . 

I can assist you to create your own realistic budget. I have 20 years experience of budgeting and planning.

Financial Coaching

For £199  you will get from me;

  • 3 coaching sessions (by Skype or telephone) during which we will :

    • Explore your relationship and approach to money, and look at any habits that don't serve you well that you may wish to change.

    • Draw up a budget based on your current income and expenditure, and review areas of concern.
    • Discuss where to look for professional independent financial advice* if needed (*I do not provide financial advice).


*​More support sessions can be arranged if required for an additional fee 

Louise Whillock

Helping Yourselfempowers the client to overcome obstacles, and fulfil their potential.